Well, that was fun. Best Basel yet! we got a new Museum ICA Miami and the art district was amazing. The big fairs bring in the $$$, new satellite fairs cater to South American art; However, it is exciting to see the incredible energy being generated on the streets and galleries of Wynwood, this is where the future of the city's creative identity is taking shape. 
Happy Holidays Miami! 

Thanks Art Rant crew for The GG Project 1 - 2014
Sticker Bomb Project 2010 - 2014
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Influences for this month.

We are loving St.Vincent.

Kids, school, university, art, fast life #shows

Halloween will be here soon.  :)

..and this meditation

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Unstoppable amounts of information.
Influencers for this second in life.
 wow Net Artist RFID Implant 

This soup


wait wha?

This weird story about the Beatles Everyday Chemistry


Lemon grab

Making art at Department stores.

This hat and lipstick

..and this writer I found earlier.

“I swear to every heaven ever imagined,
if I hear one more dead-eyed hipster
tell me that art is dead, I will personally summon Shakespeare
from the grave so he can tell them every reason
why he wishes he were born in a time where
he could have a damn Gmail account.

The day after I taught my mother

how to send pictures over Iphone she texted
me a blurry image of our cocker spaniel ten times in a row.
Don’t you dare try to tell me that that is not beautiful.
But whatever, go ahead and choose to stay in
your backwards-hoping-all-inclusive club
while the rest of us fall in love over Skype.
Send angry letters to state representatives,
as we record the years first sunrise so
we can remember what beginning feels like when
we are inches away from the trigger.

Lock yourself away in your Antoinette castle
while we eat cake and tweet to the whole universe that we did.
Hashtag you’re a pretentious ass hole.
Van Gogh would have taken 20 selflies a day.
Sylvia Plath would have texted her lovers
nothing but heart eyed emojis when she ran out of words.
Andy Warhol would have had the worlds weirdest Vine account,
and we all would have checked it every morning while we
Snap Chat our coffee orders to the people
we wish were pressed against our lips instead of lattes.

This life is spilling over with 85 year olds

rewatching JFK’s assassination and
7 year olds teaching themselves guitar over Youtube videos.
Never again do I have to be afraid of forgetting
what my fathers voice sounds like.
No longer must we sneak into our families phonebook
to look up an eating disorder hotline for our best friend.
No more must I wonder what people in Australia sound like
or how grasshoppers procreate.

I will gleefully continue to take pictures of tulips
in public parks on my cellphone
and you will continue to scoff and that is okay.
But I hope, I pray, that one day you will realize how blessed
you are to be alive in a moment where you can google search
how to say I love you in 164 different languages.”

b.e.fitzgerald (Art is a Facebook status about your winter break.)
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A great Charity, and group art show!

#TwitterArtExhibit utilizes social media and public engagement to generate income for charities and nonprofit organizations. In the past, #TwitterArtExhibit has generated funds for a library suffering from deep funding cuts to purchase much-needed children’s books, for an abused women’s shelter seeking to improve the lives of the families they serve, and for an arts organization mentoring underprivileged young adults in preparation for careers in the visual arts.

• Artists worldwide donate postcard-sized, handmade original artwork to the #TwitterArtExhibit.
• organizes a local, physical showcasing of the art.
• The public is invited to buy the art at an affordable, flat price.
• 100% of proceeds go to the charity.
• This provides artists with new exhibition opportunities, new audiences and benefactors, and appeals to art enthusiasts all over the world.
• It’s fun!

Currently in exhibit in Orlando Florida.




Sticker bomb basel street. I enjoyed what was happening on the streets of Wynwood this season. Starting to look a bit like Brooklyn.


A myth is far truer than a history, for a history only gives a story of the shadows, whereas a myth gives a story of the substances that cast the shadows.

Annie Besant


We got a centrally located Museum! yay Miami!!! best thing this Basel season.


love the hanging garden by Patrick Blanc, reminds me of a little piece of Paris where I fell in love with his work. nice touch Miami!

Basel might still be a bit glossy, over saturated, plastic, commercial and a tad shallow.. but lots of fun and quite promising things are finally happening here, all with it's own unique Miami flavor. I'm actually excited about it all. Happy Baseling!


All of the significant art of today stems from Conceptual art. This includes the art of installation, political, feminist and socially directed art.
Sol LeWitt

Conceptual art became the liberating idea that gave the art of the next 40 years its real impetus.
Sol LeWitt

"I will not make any more boring art". - John Baldessari

I would love to say there was some contemporary artist who’s work really got me thinking, but lately I have just been trying to sort out 20 years of garbage TV culture that is filling my brain. Cory Arcangel

Simplicity is an asset, not a weakness... The smaller the idea the happier I am. - Cory Arcangel

Now there are no priests or philosophers left, artists are the most important people in the world. -
Gerhard Richter

Every good work should have at least ten meanings - Walter De Maria


Installation view of “When Attitudes Become Form: Bern 1969/Venice 2013” Gilberto Zorio Il fuoco è passato [The Fire Has Passed], 1969 Fondazione Prada, Ca’ Corner della Regina Venice, 1 June – 3 November 2013 Photo: Attilio Maranzano Courtesy: Fondazione Prada



right, so without further ado: Terminator II

and a sweet animated gif for ya!



Sometimes we make music. Inspired by wine and the movie Terminator, check out our band Petunio's new single Terminator I, because yes, there will be a Terminator II - enjoy.

...and a freshly baked GIF for ya!



Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. - Coco Chanel

Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work. - Abdul Kalam



Basel 2012 Photos. Thank you La Piaggia Club, Hope Gainer, Ema Savahl and staff and everyone who lent a hand. 

Parties hosted by Evenbrite events.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)



NikAngel Graphics 2012

Poets and musicians from different genres, ranging from ambient, alternative rock, electronica, reggae, jazz, world and hip hop to dub step, unite to bring change and make their voices heard about issues important to them, as part of a global event promoting social, environmental and political change. Topics will range from media mind control to children's rights, with a line up of original and passionate artists. 100 Thousand Musicians for Change, Hollywood is dedicated to raise awareness for causes and organizations such as WAR CHILD.org. If you are an organizer, or just someone who cares (((♥))) bring your friends, posters, placards, banners, buttons and whatever else you can find to help support the changes you want to see in this world. It starts with you!

100 Thousand Poets/Musicians for Change will stage in 115 countries during over 800 individual events (and counting) on Sep 29, 2012. Poetry and peace gatherings are planned in strife-torn Kabul and Jalalabad, Afghanistan. In political hotspots such as Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt, and Madison, Wisconsin music and poetry demonstrations and readings are being organized. Be part of this global mega effort to bring peace and sustainability - here in Hollywood, FL. event organizer Francesca Smith will present a meaningful and magical night in celebration of oneness, with many live performances.

Seven D - 10.30 pm
Willy Rodriguez & the Eclectric Merengue - 12 pm
Cog Nomen - 1 am
Additional performances and contributions by
Frank Stroobandt
Ras Kokay
DJ Triple Spin
Noelle Yvette Hidalgo
Mikko Man & Darren from Rebel Tribe
MC Lavish
Nik Angel
Sergio Caiazzo
Anthony Bacchus
Cosmo Binghi
Winslow The Poet
Adrian H
Majic B
and surprise guests


No cover. Pure love.

(Opening ceremonies and more live music & poetry at 8 pm @ Megabite Chill Out Lounge on 1910 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, just down the street from the Kavabar. Hosted by Ric Zweig).




Sometimes we take our little baby for a stroll through our neighborhood shops, Village at Merrick Park

Fashion Coral Gables - Summer/Fall 2012

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"The Paintshop is a real time collaborative painting tool offering you the possibility to sell your artworks and buy great pieces of art for very competitive prices.
All the painters share the same canvas. As you paint onto the canvas, you also see other people paint. The painting can at any time be signed by one of the painters, who then becomes the owner of the piece. When the painting is signed, the canvas is cleared for all the other painters, and another painting can be produced.
The signed painting is for sale in the gallery in an edition of one. When the painting is sold, it's shipped to the buyer printed on high quality canvas (40x50cm) and the money, minus production costs and gallery commission (50%), is transferred to the owner.
The price of each painting is calculated using the Paintshop Rank™ algorithm and updated daily"
The Paintshop, Jonas Lund, 2012

Such a fun project and there are some interesting and sometimes disturbing pieces coming out of this collaboration, I also enjoy the anonymity of it all. Check it out it's addictive.

 ✮The Paintshop✮

'castro eating a banana' By: castro

High Quality Canvas Painting 40x50cm (16x20")

BUY NOW €65,- via Paypal

'greens peoples' By: Spratch

High Quality Canvas Painting 40x50cm (16x20")

BUY NOW €77,- via Paypal

'Shrimp Guarding Fertilized Egg' By: Fox

High Quality Canvas Painting 40x50cm (16x20")

BUY NOW €75,- via Paypal